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Soul Corruptors

Water-based clay, acrylic paint, wood, wire, thread

"This text is to be regarded as a sacred guide during your time as a Soul Corruptor. You have been entrusted with power that should only be used in the most nefarious and calculated of ways, and we expect utterly devastating results."

"You have been provided with one patented Anguish Chamber, which was designed by our very own team of experts and has been honed through centuries of human studies. This chamber is the heart of our operation; place it over your victim, and their thoughts are shifted from a positive perspective into a negative one. Having studied your subject's most sensitive life experiences and insecurities, your job is to utilize this chamber at the exact moments of prime vulnerability in your subject's emotional state."

"Signs that the subject is responding ideally to treatment include lack of motivation, self-isolation, confusion, changes in appetite, disordered sleep, self-sabotage, decline in hygiene practices, and lack of interest in usual hobbies."

"Movements have arisen in human society advocating for the unification of all individuals, regardless of perceived differences in identity. Our primary tactic at this time is to utilize fear of the unknown to combat these movements and preserve the prejudicial forces that have kept human nations separated and at odds with one another for so long."

"Our efforts in manipulating subjects' emotional states is our last hope at keeping them in the dark. We rely upon your dedication and discretion at this time of uncertainty.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the entity commonly referred to as The Void. Just call your question out wherever you are and you will receive a prompt response; it can always hear you."

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